Is Telemedicine on Track to Fulfill Its Potential?

Telemedicine seems to be the biggest development within the digital health this year. Skip Fleshman, Partner at Asset Management Ventures (AVM), put in plenty of time talking to the top healthcare providers and the insurers regarding their technology requirements. He found that the telemedicine is the most interesting area for both providers and the insurers. Hospitals, extending telemedicine services is an approach to cut costs when offering consumers with the benefits and the convenience they desire. According to Andrew Watson, CMD of Telemedicine in University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Telemedicine is evolving very speedily. We are capable of doing a lot more than what we used to do in the past, he added. Faster Internet connections along with much better software, enable much better video chatting than in the past. Through widely used mobile devices, many people are now able to gain access to consultations from anyplace. As well as the introduction of electronic health records (EHRs) has probably improved the convenience of getting digital.

Is Telemedicine on track to fulfill its potentialTelemedicine has enhanced to feature asynchronous messaging, through which patients are more and more at ease using it and also enables doctors to use their time in a better way. A doctor now is able to advise many patients in regular issues, freeing up much more time to give attention to in-person on more difficult or complex cases. During the last couple of years, progressively more number of patients have turned to retail pharmacies within their areas for regular healthcare services as that is easier as compared to see their doctor and will certainly not need to leave their houses in any way.

Initially, it appeared that this convenience might attract largely to the younger patients, who supposed to have the ability to access facilities online, it certainly does. However the community where it has the most impact is probably to the older group. According to Dr. Steve Ommen, Associate Dean in the Center for Connected Care in the Mayo Clinic, older patients to get enthusiastic in adopting the facility. The fastest raising group to social media certainly is the above 60 years group. They are certainly not technology-averse in addition they experience the greatest mobility concern as to going to a doctor. A telemedicine solution might be what exactly they need, he added. According to the provider’s point of view, telemedicine has got the potential to save lot of money and has ability to increasing the value of a doctor’s time. Nowadays, doctors devote considerable time with patients who don’t have to be at the office, added Dr. Ommen.

Hospitals when implement telemedicine, it can help in keeping consumers involved to their primary care providers and include to their present medical record. Like, Carolinas HealthCare System in recent times rolled out one virtual visit program which allows any one of their 1 million eligible patients to gain access to a provider anytime with a one-time fee. Whereas the provider to the virtual consultation can observe the patient’s medical record as well as their notes could be accessed from the primary care physician and the care team. Dr. Greg Weidner, MD of primary care innovation and proactive health as Carolinas, mentioned that, they are able to afford to offer convenience and efficiency, even though not compromising on any of the advantages of carefully coordinated care.

According to the providers, their main challenge in telemedicine is finding out the ways to cover the cost. But also as they are being paid for the outcomes instead of procedures, they are incentivized to offer care at the most effective way possible and also telemedicine is less expensive compared to in-person care. Skip Fleshman, appreciates the startups such as Doctors on Demand and the HealthTap, telemedicine has already been accessible to consumers across the country. He pointed out that someday, providers might partner with such platforms in order to connect their doctors to patients. And also, such apps can be provided by the organizations or insurance firms in reducing costs or even help improve the quality of care. In reality the potential in telemedicine is noticed long back, but now he believes that it’s going to take hold. People are enthusiastic about the service and also the providers ultimately get both financial incentive as well as the technological ability to turn it into a reality. He concluded expressing that not only he has an interest in this particular trend, but he is expecting that it’s going to change the relationship of doctor-patient.

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The Future of Wearables in Healthcare

During the last few years, the market of wearables has not only been expanded but it really has skyrocketed. Fitness trackers have given rise to smart watches and many other niche offerings which include stress trackers, smart bandages and many more. Those does not even feature other mHealth solutions, for example web-connected glucose meters, which even now provide health data for the cloud with no need to wearing them at all times. According to CDW Healthcare, wearables could possibly save the healthcare system $200 billion during the next 25 years. Smart technology is obviously something which is going to be the answer to the efficient operating of the future society, particularly when it is about healthcare.

healthcare software development, Risk-Free Trial, healthcare it development, Develop Electronic Medical RecordsThe wearables market throughout the world has celebrated its 8th consecutive quarter of progressive growth during the 1st quarter of 2015, as mentioned in an IDC report. The IDC report said that the vendors have shipped an overall total of 11.4 million wearable products in the first quarter this year, which is 200% increase from the corresponding last year when it was around 3.8 million wearable products were shipped. On the other hand, ongoing growth is associated with innovation, hence the leaders of the industry, which include Fitbit, along with newcomers are aware of the user expectations related to services and the use.

Ramon Llamas, research manager, at IDC wearables, informed that the leadership of Fitbit is associated with a number of factors, which include the quality of device and the user experience. Llamas mentioned that he expects the company does not have a knee-jerk response in moving towards the smartwatch sector, after the launch of Apple’s Watch. We have seen a groundswell of interest to the company to enter smart watches which allow for the 3rd party applications, however I disagree, he said. That significantly changes the proposal for Fitbit, rather than working on its primary mission – change behaviors to fit a healthier lifestyle. A couple of weeks after IDC report arrived Fitbit stated that it has been refiling for the initial public offering using new documents planning to raise $358 million with an expected value of $3.3 billion. This amended filing was introduced in the heels from a lawsuit from a competitor Jawbone which claims that the Fitbit is poaching employees, on top of that, latest Argus Insights study reports the wearable maker is battling and therefore its leadership with wearables is below 50%.

Llamas said that, Fitbit’s continuous market leadership is actually associated with working on offering users with increased prescriptive data as well as insight about practical areas, and additionally expanding features associated with user interaction. The research company anticipates about decreasing price ranges on wearable tools, consisting of displays, processors and sensors, will also get the better shipment figures. All of them are turning to be more cost effective, and the vendors are usually in a position to possibly pocket or move the savings to the user, Llamas said. Worth erosion is going to be steady and caused by various areas quicker than the others, similar to a health & fitness tracker compared to a smartphone.

Llamas believes that the market winner may be the one among the most ideal brand. The challenging part is even differentiation, since a lot of devices and the vendors are trying to do the same thing. We should get creative and also pull in new elements, including social media and activities, linking to systems, working on certain niches, particularly around the enterprise, and also we are till now simply scratching the surface upon exactly what health & fitness applications should be introduced to bear, Llamas said.

The wearables relating to the healthcare industry is obviously a market which will significantly grow during the period of 2015 which will continue in to the future. The technology is obviously very innovative while the best thing would be that it is obtaining FDA clearance along with other medical clearances by the regulatory boards from around the globe. Cloud based technologies even are going to playing an important role in the healthcare smart wearable market. Even though some technologies are now in development phase and are usually getting informed to the general public, some were already out for a couple of months. However these products should really begin to be more aware for the general public and start to move towards making the year 2015 as the year of smart wearable specifically for the healthcare industry. Smart wearable technology within the healthcare industry will certainly discover a number of inventions in the near future.

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