Emerging Technology for Population Healthcare

North Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG) has minimized the AIC levels of its patients suffering from diabetic by 1.6 points and remarkably subsided ER visits with a view to acquiring insight into its patient population by utilizing leveraging data analytic technology.

Emerging Technology for Population HealthcareWithout seeing the rewards delivered by the digital Transformation of health data, a group of health providers unscrupulously question about the value of IT. In fact, these providers construe that the adoption of EHRs and supporting technologies are nothing bt sheer wastage of valuable time and heavy expenditure of money although it provides a little bit of immediate boost of short-term fame for their organizations and patients. They often demand for the vivid evidence of the health IT, which simultaneously projects the curtailment in costs and improvement of patient care. But the NGPG, where a good number of 180 learned physicians are working, has a befitting answer to the cynical question raised by the healthcare providers. The transition to EHR technology was undoubtedly an important procedure to digitize and standardize the patient data as it facilitates the basic foundation for data accumulation and automation. Population health management technology has an impact on patients health and business resources. Needless to say that these data analytic devices facilitate the electronic data which lies in EHR (or throughout many disparate EHR) to explore serious tendencies in patient population tendencies which health providers can work on. In this context, NGPG has set an example in using the data intelligence facilitated by a population health management solution with a view to making it more popular and convenient in the patients and commercial sections.

By implementing the Allscripts Enterprise platform since 2006, NGPG has been using EHR for a pretty long time. At present, the physicians Group has risen upto 100% without using paper-work from the perspective of a charting calculation.

It came into the limelight when it was awarded with a Transform MED grant from the esteemed Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMM) which has initiated the experiment with population health management in technology. In order to find out any flaws or short comings in the existing caring system or trends in communicating the same for rectification to the patients and providers, Phytel Outreach would assist in all possible ways as it is combined with an electronic patient registration system connected with automatic messaging process.

Medical Establishments have been acknowledging a population health management (PHM) approach to provide better care to patients at a lower rate expenditure with a motto to promote reformation in healthcare system. Through demonstration procedure, Phytel Co-ordinate Providers Physician Associates care managers give proper briefing hand-on-tools which are essentially required to satisfy the patients at a time when their health is on the risk index/graph, and decide what kind of tools/devices with due methods needed first so that he may get rid of the problem, either in office or during visits. The automation solution accumulates and normalizes data provided by the group’s EHR as such that the care coordinators can concentrate to patient care without wasting time in collecting the data they acquire from patient charts. As precautionary measures, Phytel co-ordinate even flags all patients who are in high risk and in the need of quick attention. Better not to presume whether they contacted their providers recently or not.

In addition, for various section of population, Phytel co-ordinates may be utilized without facing any difficulties. For instance an Orientation Program on diabetes can be organized by the Physician Associates, if they really desire and the Phytel co-ordinate may approve care managers and , in a moment with the help of the computer keys all patients suffering from diabetes (the silent killer) could timely be benefited through e-mail or automated personalized communication system. You can get in touch healthcare it development companies to get your healthcare software developed.

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